Graveyard Tourism and Tourist Attractions

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Ghoulish as it may sound, graveyard tourism or cemetery tourism is a growing phenomenon around the world. The final resting place of the dead sounds like an unlibely tourist attraction, but destinations around the world are beginning promote memorials, cemeteries and graveyards to attract visitors watching to trace their roots or play homage to dead hero’s and villages. Most historic towns and villages have a cemetery worth exploring and many larger cities have graveyards reserved for the powerful, rich and famous fascinating and observing experience.

Graveyard cemeteries contains a wealth of fascinating and of the usual tombs, grave stones and architecture which are an importing  like to local social history. One of the most interesting things about graveyards for visitor is the use of art and symbols on older tombs and gravestones. Usually symbols have cryptic or hidden meaning, by interpreting and understanding these symbols usually reveals interesting fact and stories but the pesos buried below. READ MORE….

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